Disorderly Persons Offenses

Many cases are resolved at local Municipal Courts.  The offenses here are typically referred to as Disorderly Persons offenses and include things like Simple Assault, Thefts of small amounts, harassment and the like.  While clearly not of the scope of a Felony conviction, Disorderly Persons Offenses carry consequences which can drastically impact the individual.  “DP’s” as they are often referred to, carry up to six months in local jail, probation and an assortment of fines and penalties.  For the average person, the imposition of these sentences can have significant implications to their family, their job and their wallet.  The Municipal Courts can be overwhelming, they handle a lot of cases and often convene only on certain days or evenings.  A qualified and experienced attorney can help you navigate the process and advocate on your behalf.

Mr. Dunn is committed to working with you to try to resolve such matters a quickly, and favorably as possible, be that through negotiations with the local prosecutor or trial.