Buying / Selling Residential Real Estate

The purchase and sale of a home is likely one of the most significant transactions that many people face.  Regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer, are transitioning from that starter home to something more permanent, or have decided it is time to downsize, the process can seem intimidating and complex.  Dunn Law strives to mitigate that anxiety by providing guidance, advice and legal representation throughout the purchase and sale process.  From attorney review, through inspections, mortgage contingency deadlines and finally to the closing table, Dunn Law works with you to negotiate, and close the deal, all the while advocating for your interests.   The real estate team is usually comprised of the client, the client’s real estate agent, a lender,  the lawyer, the title company, inspectors and others.  The many moving parts of the transaction necessitate constant communication and a willingness to work not only as an advocate but also a facilitator.  That is the level of service Dunn Law strives to provide to each and every client.  No two real estate deals are the same, each has its own nuances and challenges.  No two clients are the same, each has their own goals and points of emphasis.  If you are purchasing or selling a home, please contact Dunn Law, LLC to assist, guide and help get you to the table to close your deal.