Landlord / Tennant

New Jersey Landlord and Tennant law is the basis that many people first find themselves involved in the court system.  Either in a seemingly simple rent dispute, a dispute over the conditions of the property, or filing suit related to security deposits, the issues can be far more complex than first thought.  New Jersey has a comprehensive set of L/T laws which provide for various sorts of relief ranging from eviction and ejectment actions, to enhanced monetary damages for security deposit infractions.  L/T cases are often the subject of mediations, and if not resolved, trials before a Superior Court Judge.  Whether you are a tenant facing an action, bringing one yourself for unacceptable behavior of your landlord, or a landlord seeking to deal with a problem tenant, knowing your options before walking into court can save a lot of time, and potentially expensive pitfalls.  Finally, particularly with respect to landlords, having a properly drafted and reviewed lease with your tenant can avoid countless expensive complications resulting from  holdover tenancy issues to prolonged eviction proceedings.  If you are a landlord or a tenant in need of advice please call: 908-312-0807