Property Related Offenses

There are a whole litany of property related offenses that you may be potentially facing.  From criminal mischief and shoplifting to theft, receiving stolen property, burglary and arson.   Theft related offenses are generally classified by the amount of financial damage done to the victim, while arson quickly becomes a second degree offense when coupled with a charge of insurance fraud.

Burglary in New Jersey merely requires a trespass coupled with an intent to commit another offense while in the course of the trespass.  Intent, the difference between a simple trespass or mischief and a third degree burglary (or worse) turns on the facts from which a fact finder tries to determine the accused state of mind.  Even a third degree car burglary, grabbing a portable GPS from a strangers car, could potentially expose you to five years of imprisonment.  If there are prior convictions, the State may even be able to increase that exposure through an application for a discretionary extended term.  What many would think of as a rather minor offense could carry years of imprisonment.  Even simple shoplifting can have a myriad of increased penalties for multiple convictions.

If you are arrested for a property related offense consult an experienced attorney, who knows the state of the law, knows your individual exposure, and can look at the allegations, protect your rights, and vigorously defend you.

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