Guns and Violent Offenses

If you are charged with a violent act or weapons related offence it is time to seek experienced and educated advice.

Violent offenses in New Jersey not only expose you to significant terms of imprisonment, many are subject to the No Early Release Act.  That means you must do Eighty-Five percent of your term before you will be eligible for parole.  It also means that you will be facing a prolonged period of parole once you do get out of prison.  These are among the most serious charges and carry real life changing consequences.

In addition, New Jersey has enacted revised legislation known as the Graves Act pertaining to gun related crimes.  The mere unlawful possession of a handgun is a second degree crime with a base sentence of Five years in prison with Forty-Two months before being eligible for parole.  In some cases there can be a carefully negotiated deal with the State allowing for a substantially reduced sentence and less parole ineligibility time, but that is the exception not the rule.  Other changes have elevated unlawful possession of a rifle, normally a third degree crime, to a first degree offense, with exposure ranging from ten to twenty years.  Gun cases are mired with pitfalls which could have life changing effects.

If you are charged with a violent crime, Mr. Dunn is available to consult with you to discuss your defense options.  Call or fill out the contact form, initial consultations are always free.