Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses range from simple possession of a small amount of marijuana or paraphernalia to major drug distribution charges.  Likewise, the potential sentence exposure upon conviction can skyrocket quickly depending on how the alleged conduct is charged, what an individual’s role in an alleged drug distribution scheme was and a person’s prior record.

Sentence enhancements such as discretionary and mandatory extended terms coupled with the imposition of a period of parole ineligibility based on where the alleged conduct took place creates a situation where a relatively small amount of drugs can result in exceedingly harsh penalties.   The penalties often go beyond incarceration to include mandatory fines and potential license loss for up to several years.

Programs such as Drug Court and other diversionary programs may be available to avoid prison.  However, as the revised Drug Court statute goes into effect, Mandatory Drug Court adds an additional level of complexity to Drug Cases.

Whether you are charged with simple Possession or School Zone Distribution, it is necessary to have Counsel working diligently to protect your rights and advocating on your behalf.