Domestic Violence

As evidenced by the recent national conversation about Domestic Violence, particularly in professional sports, Domestic Violence Offenses are often some of the most emotionally charged cases.  Domestic Violence allegations often have two separate but equally important matters in the courts.  There will likely be proceedings pertaining to restraining orders, temporary and final, independent of any criminal charges pending in the municipal or superior courts.

Restraining Orders can dramatically impact your daily life, in a way that endures long after the resolution of the criminal charges.  The criminal charges can vary greatly in severity, depending upon a number of factors including the existence of a prior restraining order and any alleged injury incurred by the complainant.  The result could be sizeable prison exposure upon a conviction in conjunction with a very strict final restraining order from the family courts.  The potential impact is even greater on non-citizens.

The emotional nature of the charges and ever increasing publicity of Domestic Violence allegations makes it is crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney advocating for you with a comprehensive legal strategy to deal with all the pending litigation.

Mr. Dunn believes in establishing a comprehensive legal strategy, so you can make informed sound decisions.