Felony Driving Related Offenses

Got pulled over with that suspended license?  If it is suspended as a result of a second or subsequent DUI, you are likely facing a mandatory jail term of 180 days on a fourth degree conviction.

Recent advances in technology have resulted in the Department of Motor Vehicles employing facial recognition software on its license records.  As a result, the state is locating what seem to be multiple different licenses for the same person.  The issue made news statewide when charges were levied against people who had applied for a license with someone else’s credentials to get around their own suspensions.  The result was charges including in some cases second degree fraud allegations.  Second degree crimes can carry up to ten years of imprisonment.

Sometimes people are charged with failing to pull over for the police, perhaps for fear of not having the appropriate driving credentials.  The result can be charges including second degree eluding if the location includes many urban areas.  What started as a simple traffic ticket, has now become a felony carrying up to ten years in prison with substantial fines, and other penalties.

All of theses scenarios are serious.  There is the real possibility of substantial confinement, penalties and fines.  If you have been charged with one of theses offenses it is time to contact an experienced attorney to protect your rights and defend you.